April 28, 2022

Winter Dreams

I'm thinking about penning a Bridgerton fanfiction which takes place after Season 2.

April 5, 2022


Lol...this is just a thought.

I'm a weirdo so...feel free to laugh at me. Olivia, you may have guessed, is a Scandal fanfiction. I was literally in the middle of rewatching season 2 (my favorite), and I got the idea of setting the story during the European Middle Ages while watching Mellie yell at Fitz about his drinking.

I guess I really liked the idea that a group of unlikely conspirators made a devil's bargain to put a pretender on a throne, so to speak. It's downright Shakespearean. *shrug* I just felt it would fit.

March 15, 2022

The Power of One

A/N ~ So sorry about the delay, everyone. Turns out, my beloved all-in-one desktop was a lot older than I realized and has been put out to pasture. I'm typing this out on my mini...which isn't ideal.

Previously: Seeing, Being Seen

The vampire den was exactly what one would expect: dingy, grimy, in the ground floor of an abandoned building on the edge of town. The windows had been painted over and the furniture looked (and smelled) as though it had been rescued from a landfill. The only light came from a few candles; nothing electrical was working.

The clients, however, were of every walk of life and didn't seem to care about the ambience. They were the usual street kids and subculture rebels, but also businessmen in suits, bored housewives in beige, strippers, baristas--you name it.

I knew these people weren't that clueless, Rochelle smirked as she moved through the pack of willing bleeders. Giles would be appalled.

February 21, 2022

Seeing, Being Seen

Previously: Orpheus

"What the hell is Orpheus?"

It was amazing how simply learning something about someone could change one's perception entirely.

When Rochelle first met Josh, she thought he was beautiful. Not "hot" like a buff athlete or or rock star, but beautiful, like a model in an upscale fashion magazine. He had delicate features, ghostly pale skin, with silky black curls and stunning blue eyes that didn't even look real.

At least...that's how he used to look to her. Now he was just another lanky, grungy teenager in unwashed clothes with dull eyes and hair he didn't both to comb regularly.

He wasn't handling Samantha's disappearance well. In addition to reverting to an unkempt appearance, he was sullen, irritable, and had started heavily drinking liquor.

"Apparently, it's all the rage in the demon world," Rochelle told him cheerfully, handing him a syring. This was actually a lie; everything she'd read about Orpheus thus far had indicated that it was shunned in the demon world for its highly addictive properties and other dangerous side effects.

Josh, ever the druggie, was immediately intrigued.


Previously: Dust to Dust

"Sweet, sweet
you will think
pleasant thoughts

"Sweet, sweet
you will think
pleasant thoughts

"Sweet, sweet
you will think
pleasant thoughts

Aura didn't know why she was putting so much stock in what Rochelle told her. Maybe it had something to do with the fact her crush on Owen was much more intense than she'd let on.

February 6, 2022

Dust to Dust

Previously: Mirror Image

A/N ~ *wince* Didn't mean to be gone this long. If it's any consolation to my Skyrim fans, I finally finished Indrathel.

"So...you really work in a magic shop?"

Deciding not to spend all her free time with the undead, Rochelle tried to spend time with Aura daily. They were trying out a breakfast routine by meeting extra early at a coffee shop before school.

"I do," Rochelle nodded, sipping her latte while Aura bit into a cheese Danish. They'd agreed to try everything on the menu at least once.

"So...with spell books and crystal balls and everything?"

"You could say that," Rochelle nodded. The weather in Sunnydale was unbelievably beautiful. The air was cleaner than LA's, and the streets so much quieter. Already the skies were a brilliant shade of blue, without a cloud in sight.

"So, like...love and spells and stuff?"

Rochelle's whole body stiffened. Oh, for fuck's sake...not this again.

January 12, 2022

Mirror Image

Previously: Being Switzerland

Lost Angeles was full of clubs of every type--even ones Rochelle could've easily gotten into as a minor--and even in the darkest, grittiest ones, there was an air of edgy L.A. glamour. She always wanted to be bold and sexy enough to get into those clubs, but she never felt comfortable enough to do so.

That said, there was something cozy, unpretentious, and unthreatening about Sunnydale's Bronze club. The two-storied club was small, dark, dingy, and unremarkable, yet to Rochelle it seemed like the most fun and magical place in all the world. She wanted to spend as many evenings there as possible. Even though she knew some of the patrons were likely demons (and even though she knew someone was likely to run afoul of a vampire tonight), she felt like she fit right in.

Being Switzerland

The rest of the school day passed in a blur; Rochelle had never been interested in her studies and she was less interested now than ever. But her attention sharpened once she got to the Dragon's Cove and started unpacking some new shipments.

"Hey, Boss?" she asked casually. "What do you know about the history of this town?"

The shopkeeper sighed loudly, hanging his head briefly before turning away from his ledger and saying, "I was afraid you'd ask that."

January 11, 2022

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Previously: New Girl

"Rochelle...Danaia Zimms?"

Her birth name was actually Rochelle Anna Marie Zimmerman, which she never could stand. "Danaia" sounded so much sexier and "Zimms" was short and sweet.

"That's me," she beamed. The principal was a chubby brown-haired man in glasses, wearing what was likely a toupee. His suit screamed "cheap" and had a tiny mustard stain on the shirt of his pocket. He reeked of cigarette smoke (and possibly scotch).

The file he was reading from was a blank sheet of paper in a manila folder. But since glamour was one of the first spells Rochelle mastered, he thought he was reading whatever he needed to read to know that Rochelle Danaia Zimms was just a nice, normal girl he needn't focus on.

January 9, 2022

A Moment in Fandom: #MisSpelled

Writing Rochelle got me remembering MisSpelled, an all too brief web series I used to be obsessed with.

I remember stumbling across it (don't remember how), and wondering, "Why isn't this trending? Why aren't the donations flooding in?"

It's a shame MisSpelled never took off. The cast and crew deserved better.