February 18, 2024

Please Don't Reboot "Buffy". Reboot "Sunnydale" instead.

Ever since Dolly Parton said producers were still working on the Buffy reboot, something's been bugging me.

I was in Facebook group recently talking about The Vampire Diaries, and instead of the usual rants about what they did wrong, we were actually talking about the (few) things they got right. And I said I loved how they fleshed out the lore of Mystic Falls, which was one thing sorely missing about Sunnydale on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What we know about Sunnydale reads like basic trivia: it sits on a Hellmouth, it's a demon magnet, and there are a handful of people and events we learn about over the course of the series, but nothing ever really feels fleshed out. Even worse, we often learned something specific for an episode that was never referenced before, then never referenced again. I found that particularly annoying.

Now, we're never going to recapture the magic of the original show, certainly not that special magic of the first three seasons. Buffy was the first of its kind in an era now long gone. We're not getting that time period back. So instead of trying to get that back, let's move forward. Step One: reboot the lore of the town and this time, properly flesh it out. The theme of that "one special girl in all the world" has been since done to death. I would keep the Hellmouth element, but instead of the rehashing the very tired Chosen One trope, just (re)introduce us to a town full of demon hunters who once drove the demons out, only for them to return.

And for the love of God, just bring back the original actors. We don't need new (read: younger) people. We just need to do right by the ones we already have.

January 11, 2024

How I Think Carmy/Claire Should've Been Handled

***Spoilers Ahead***

While I'm glad The Bear won awards again (congratulations, Ayo Edebiri!!!), I'm gonna be honest...Season Two was not better than Season One. There were questionable dips in the writing that could've been easily avoided if Hollywood wasn't so addicted to cheap male fantasy.

In a show where every angle, every color, and every song choice is so carefully chosen, there's no room for cheap male fantasy. This show is better than that; The Bear itself is literally a gourmet offering in television, and the Carmy/Claire "romance" was like day-old McDonald's wedged between elaborate courses. For me, it caused Season Two to drag at times, and what's wild is that with a few tweaks, their interaction could've been so much more meaningful.

December 30, 2023


What interesting company I've come to keep.

It was one thing for an Elven hedge mage to be invited to the occasional imperial ball at the Winter Palace. It was another to actually attend an audience with the Orlesian Empress herself.

Across from Solas was Celene Valmont I, a frosty blond whose face he'd never seen, courtesy of her ever present silver mask. Seated upon her silk-covered chaise, she was a tall, regal woman for whom he had no love; like so many of her ilk, Solas found her to be a weak, lying hypocrite deeply reliant on the talents of others.

In this case, the "others" were Solas and a senior templar knight by the name of Cullen Rutherford. Cullen was a deep, serious man with dark blond hair. He wore heavy armor and a fur-rimmed cloak. He was from Fereldan, which explained both his fashion sense and his hygiene.

In light of recent events, he was also the new liaison to the royal court from the Chantry. And while Solas was technically the senior magical advisor, in this particular scenario, he knew was merely to be seen and not heard.

November 30, 2023

Yeah, I'm Not Done Talking about Found

Previously: Not Enough People are Talking about NBC's Found (2023)

First off, congrats to the cast and crew of Found; they just got renewed for a second--and hopefully longer--season.


November 29, 2023

Not Enough People are Talking about NBC's Found (2023)

I was recently thinking about how I missed Shondaland during the Scandal era (Seasons 1-2 and maybe the first half of 3) and how I wished there was something else to fill the void. How to Get Away with Murder was too crazy. Inventing Anna only has one season (they could've at least given us a spin-off about the Scriberians).

So enter Found.


November 17, 2023

The Fall of the House of Usher (2023)

L to R: Carla Gugino, Rahul Kohli, Henry Thomas, Samantha Sloyan, Sauriyan Sapkota, T'Nia Miller, Katie Siegel,
Bruce Greenwood, and Mary McDonnell.
Sorry for the lateness; I actually watched this as soon as it dropped, then rewatched it, then rewatched again, then spent weeks watching reaction videos on YouTube. Because I am that obsessed.

Needless to remind you all, spoilers ahead.

November 12, 2023

Death and the Madame

Listening to "The Well of Sorrows"
Previously: Wintersend

A/N ~ Yes, I realize what I'm doing is far from canon. Alas...I do not care. These two characters fascinate the hell out of me, so much they're alleviating my writer's block. A win is a win.

Val Royeaux, Orlais - 25 Years Later

It was raining in Val Royeaux. Of course, it was always raining these days, even when it wasn't.

It alternately drizzled and poured cold, fat drops from the gray skies. Vivienne de Fer, as she was now known, didn't care if she soaked. The closest she came to her lover these days was the late Duke's tombstone. The cold, unyielding stone beneath her fingers, the impassively elegant lettering etched across it, and the soft earth beneath her shoes were her only solace these days.

Prologue: Wintersend

Listening to Orlais Theme and Val Royeaux Theme
Previously: Dramatis Personae

Imperial Wintersend Ball of 9:16 Dragon

Vivienne had never seen anything like the Winter Palace.

The wide-eyed nineteen-year-old drifted through the lofty marble halls as though in a dream, taking in the unspeakable opulence. She was no stranger to castles or members of the aristocracy, but she was stranger to luxury and finery on this scale.

The tall, dark-skinned maiden was Fereldan yet had always been fascinated with Orlesian culture. Their nobles wore impeccable silks and intoxicating perfumes; they donned polished masks and were never seen barefaced in public.

I belong here.

Cold Hearts

Cold Hearts is an alternate universe story set in the world of Dragon Age. The story follows a mage rebellion that plunges Thedas into chaos.

October 24, 2023

Sunny Vale

This is just a joke/idea.

I've been watching all these young people on YouTube react to the Buffyverse for the first time, and after enjoying the vicarious (and often hilarious) thrill of reliving the first-time Buffy experience, my brain began braining.

Set during the Middle Ages, this (obviously) alternate universe story follows the Bellfleur sisters, two Parisian noblewomen suddenly forced to flee their home. They move to a small town populated by the most unusual characters.

Persia White as Lady Aura Bellfleur
Lady Aura is the elder of the Bellfleur twins; they are the last of their family, but Aura's determined to make sure their line continues. They originally reside at the the court of a French princess, until circumstances change and Aura decides they need to leave.

Persia White as Lady Agnes Bellfleur
Unlike her perfectly normal twin, Lady Agnes is cursed with the Sight. And though she's initially accepted as an eccentric, whispers soon abound that she's a witch.

August 7, 2023

Epilogue: The Girl Returns

Previously: The Bride

Marble Hill House, one week later

Dearest Reader,

After a most remarkable wedding, it seems the Count and Countess Mironov are the talk of Mayfair. Whatever dark cloud was hanging over them appears to have finally dissipated, for the newlyweds have begun attending social functions in lieu of a honeymoon, and are even planning their very first ball together. The Count in particular has promised a night of "proper Russian revelry"....

Cordelia Patridge crumpled Lady Whistledown's scandal sheet and promptly tossed it into the fire.