March 31, 2023

The One You Send

So I'm a really big John Wick fan and I went to see Chapter Four last week. It had a wildly successful weekend, and now there's all this talk of spinoffs and a Chapter Five, etc.

And it's all great chatter. I love this universe. I like a lot of the characters they've introduced; I'm looking forward to seeing Ana de Armas in Ballerina. And I really appreciate the lore, and the way the writers let it unfold.

But can we go further back in time, before guns and bombs? To when this society of assassins was young and the laws were still fresh in everyone's minds...along with the consequences?

Picture it: Morocco, 8th Century BCE. A trading consortium rules the fictional harbor town of Kahina with an iron fist. Their reach stretches across the waters to Portugal, Spain, and beyond.

I can see Aja Naomi King as a solemn desert warrior who's grown tired of the life and is ready to get out. She likely serves as an assassin for the consortium, and they're just not ready to let go of her yet...or ever.

I see Laci Mosley as a younger, more reckless assassin, reminiscent of Ms. Perkins in the first John Wick film.

Since Ines Melab already played a concierge on Inventing Anna, I can see her being the regal, no-nonsense manager of the Crossroads Inn, where assassins rest and drink to avoid their demons.

Camille Winbush would make an excellent noblewoman: classy, pretty, and just the type to put a hit out on her husband, most likely for his seat at the High Table.

Ayo Edebiri would make the perfect Adjudicator, lol.

Oded Fehr was born to be a Harbinger. I can see him robed in black, delivering dire news.

Every John Wick film requires an asshole the audience loves to hate, lol. José Zúñiga could be a Spanish lord who sits at the High Table, and whose fortunes are heavily tied to the aforementioned consortium.

I would love to write Alice Braga as a Portuguese countess who also sits at the High Table, and lives to antagonize her Spanish rivals.

What do y'all think?

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