January 2, 2022

Human Error, an Epilogue

Previously: Believer

Hyun-jun Im coughed suddenly, reclaiming their attention. "What happened?" the demon broker asked hoarsely.

Daos's eyebrow went up again, even higher this time.  "You don't remember either?"

"The Horde....," Hyun-jun shook his head.  "I remember...I remember...." He trailed off, clearly struggling to recall the past few minutes.

Daos gazed at him in astonishment.  While he wasn't entirely surprised Dominador had forgotten (again), he hadn't expected Hyun-jun to forget as well.

Unless that's what the Umalagad was doing, he suddenly realized.  Burning away Hyun-jun's memory.

"I'm dizzy," Hyun-jun swayed on his feet.  "Why am I dizzy?  I've never been dizzy before in my life."  He looked up and around.  "And where is the Horde?"

"Daos says we got over it or something," Dominador scratched his head.  "Like he did with his drowning or whatever."

Hyun-jun rolled his eyes.  "Seriously?  You mean you went all Sacred Guardian on their asses?  Did you at least remember to close the portal?"

"It's sealed," Daos assured him, trying not to laugh.

"Well, good.  I'm starving," Hyun-jun sighed.

Daos blinked.  "What did you just say?"

Hyun-jun's eyes snapped up to meet his.  "I said...," he faltered, struggling again to form words. "I think I said--"

"First, you're dizzy," Daos raised an eyebrow.  "Now you're hungry?  You don't eat, Hyun-jun."

Dominador was even more confused than ever.  "What's going on now?"

"Oh, dear gods," Hyun-jun shuddered, touching his chest.  He started breathing heavily.  "I feel my heart beating."

"You don't have a heart," Daos shook his head.  "Not figuratively, not physically --"

"Oh fuck, Daos!" Hyun-jun roared.  "I'm human?  I agree to help you fight the Horde and you repay me by making me human?  What kind of a sadistic asshole are you?""

Daos's mouth worked, but no words came out.  He didn't know whether to protest his innocence or simply laugh out.

The Umalagad probably thought he was giving Hyun-jun some kind of a reward, he inwardly snickered.

"Fix me!" Hyun-jun bellowed.  "I helped you, now you fix me!  You put me back the way I was, Daos!"

Daos broadly grinned at him instead.  "Humanity suits you," he clapped him on the back.  "Don't worry; you'll get used to it in time."  He turned to Dominador.  "How does a drink sound?"

"Yessss!" his partner sighed.  "Too bad all the bars are closed."

Daos shrugged, heading towards his SUV.  "We've got beer at the house."

Dominador nodded, following him and pulling out his cell.  "We should probably put in a call to the Chief."

"Go right ahead."

"Um, excuse me?" Hyun-jun barked.  "Can we rewind to the part where I said, 'Fix me'?"

"Never gonna happen, Hyun-jun," Daos called over his shoulder.  "Might as well get settled in."  He unlocked his ride.

"Do we have anything to eat at the house?" Dominador asked, crossing the front of the SUV.

Daos shrugged.  "I think we have enough ramen to tide us over.  Maybe a frozen pizza or two stashed away."

Dominador looked back at a bewildered Hyun-jun.  "Didn't you say you were hungry?"



  1. Shirtless Ona, perfection. lol I did not see that coming. Poor Hyun at least he still got to keep his face. I dont want to ruin the chapter, so I won't write the spoiler, but I am interesting to see how the next volume will go. I still call your chapter episodes and your volume's seasons.

  2. You just killed me with Hyunjun Im's fate. That is death indeed.


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