September 17, 2021



It occurred to me that I really need to put something up on this blog (since the domain is costing money), but writer's block was being a bitch. And then...during a Once Upon a Time binge, I found myself feeling curious about one of the many interesting yet unexplored characters.

Our story begins centuries before the show.


Coco Jones as Aquiel

Aquiel is a young mermaid acolyte at the island temple of Ursula.

Karen Vega as Gisela

Gisela is a human acolyte also serving at the temple.

Abbey Lee Kershaw as Princess Gregoria

Gregoria the Spinster is a southern princess, and her father's heir apparent.

Katia Winter as Queen Lavinia

Lavinia the Young is Gregoria's stepmother, and is only a few years older than Gregoria.

Isaac Hempstead Wright as Prince Florian

Florian is Gregoria's (much) younger half-brother, and the son of Lavinia.

Special Appearances

Paulina Alexis as Princess Celestina

Celestina is a warrior princess from a northern kingdom. She is (tentatively) betrothed to Prince Florian.

Tagaq as Queen Damiana Guardia

Damiana the Guard is Celestina's mother. She's famous for commanding the greatest army in all of Misthaven.

Wil Wheaton as King Everard the Golden

Everard is Gregoria and Florian's father, and ruler of the southern kingdom.

Elliot Knight as Merlin

Said to be the greatest sorcerer of all time, Merlin is a human who gained immortality.

and Yvette Nicole Brown as Ursula,
Sea Goddess of Old

Worshipped throughout the southern kingdom, Ursula resides on her island temple, where she poses as her own high priestess.

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