August 24, 2020

Dark & Twisty

I started this fanfic blog almost a decade ago, under another name, in what now feels like another lifetime. For those of you who were know.
I almost deleted this blog, but then I was like...why? I've decided to reboot it (so it speak) by delving back into my Goth roots. Ergo, Dark & Twisty will focus on supernatural/fantasy/Gothic-themed fanfiction.

I have other blogs, of course. If you're a fan of Star Trek, check out Gaya's Astronomy. If you're a fan of Skyrim, check out Redguard Girls.


  1. Tell me you didn't get rid of all the stories you wrote on the other blog. Tell me that the blog still exists so I can revisit all my faves.

    Keep that Gothic invite never know when the Muse will come calling.

    1. Girl, I didn't. I'm just revamping like I do.

    2. Thank goodness. I miss your other blogs too. I thought blogspot nuked itself altogether.

    3. This brings me so much joy. I just need to get over this writer's block.


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