May 30, 2022


This is just a thought, but a very writable one. The question is, how to give the wholesome humor of Cinderella 1997 but, you know, goth.

With the passing of the Fairy Godmother, a great shadow falls upon the kingdom, probably turning it into something out of a Tim Burton movie. The royal family would need to fix that.

H.E.R. as Princess Vladimira Christina Constantina Maximilia 
Ermantrude Carlotta Alexandra Maisie 
(but she sometimes goes by "Vlad")
In the ten years since her family's patron Fairy Godmother passed away, Princess Vladimira has been forced to watch her kingdom slowly fall into darkness.

Brandy as Queen Ella
Ella is Vlad's mother. She became royalty when the Fairy Godmother famously sent her to a royal ball where she met then-Prince Christopher.

Paolo Montalban as King Christopher Rupert Windermere
Vladimir Carl Alexander Fran├žois Reginald
Lancelot Herman Gregory James
When his father abdicated ten years ago, Christopher found himself becoming king during a very difficult time. He obsesses over trying to fix his kingdom.

Whoopi Goldberg as Queen Mother
Constantina Charlotte Ermantrude
Guinevere Maisie Margaret Anne
As Queen Mother, Constantina is technically supposed to be enjoying retirement with her husband...but she's not trying to hear any of that.

Jason Alexander as Lionel
The royal steward who longs for retirement.

Professor Finnius Aloysius DeVante III
Finnius is Vladimira's royal tutor. He specializes in history and magical theory.

William Gao as Michaelangelo
Michaelangelo is Vladimira's young squire who dreams of becoming a knight.

Special Appearances

Victor Garber as King Maximilian Godfrey
Ladislaus Leopold Sydney Frederick John
When the Fairy Godmother died, King Maximilian lost his last will to keep ruling. He retired to a royal estate where was his wife was supposed to stay with him...and yet....

Bernadette Peters as
the Baroness
When Ella's stepsister Minerva died two years earlier, she granted her stepmother a title and a stipend out of pity. In keeping with the tradition of not giving the Stepmother a name, she's now simply known as the Baroness.

Lily Tomlin as Calliope
Embracing her inescapable spinsterdom, Ella's remaining stepsister desires to spend the rest of her life at court.

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