March 17, 2024

Ten Little Lords

Ten Little Lords takes place about a year after the events in Damsel.

Angela Bassett as Lady Alinor Bayford
Lady Alinor, the Widow Bayford, is now a dowager viscountess of the remote northern town of Bayford.

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Mother Dorgan
Lady Bess Dorgan, "Mother Dorgan", is head of the Blue Priestesses in Bayford, a new order.

Lady Elodie Bayford
Now Viscountess Bayford, Elodie is famed all over the world for having survived a dragon.

Caleb McLaughlin as Lord Gabriel Walling
When his cousin is wounded in battle, Gabriel brings him to Bayford for healing.

Special Appearances

Brooke Carter as Floria Bayford
Elodie's younger sister Floria is an initiate at the Blue Temple.

Prince Cyprian of Liria
Cyprian's life hangs in the balance when his cousin brings him to Bayford.

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