January 2, 2022

Strip, Tease

Previously: D and the Grey

To their surprise, Strawberry wasn't offended.  She merely shrugged, saying, "Suit yourself," and went off to offer the bowl to the other strippers.

Dominador whirled and faced Daos.  "What the hell was that?  Was that what we're looking for?"

Daos merely raised a slight, amused brow.  "You're on in a few moments, 'Big D'.  May want to get into character."

His junior partner scowled.  "This conversation isn't over, Daos."  He marched over to where the exit door led to the stage and tried to slow his breathing and collect thoughts.  When he was ready, he gave Strawberry who cued the DJ to start.

"Ladies of Soleado Valle, it's your night!" the DJ announced.  "Let's celebrate by welcoming to stage this chiseled hunk from out of town: Big Deeeeeeeee!!!!"

A split second later, Sean Paul blasted over the speaker and Dominador stepped onto the stage. He had a very comfortable, self-assured swagger that had the ladies screaming before he'd even taken a second step.

It's that pretty face, Daos snickered to himself. With looks like those, they'd forgive him if went out there and did the Carlton.

Dominador knew better than to start stripping right away, which confirmed Daos's theory that this definitely wasn't his first time doing this sort of thing.

Probably paid his way through college doing this.

Dominador's dance moves were relaxed, practiced, and on point.  He blended some dancehall moves with popping, locking, ticking and even a krump move or two.  When he slid his shirt off, he did it slowly, swaying his hips in a leisurely circle.  The bright gold and red lights of the stage reflected off the sweat glistening upon his finely honed muscles.

The women went wild.

Dollar bills rained from the heavens as screams bounced off the walls and ceiling.  Daos saw Strawberry's face light up as she beamed a huge grin, even dancing a little to the music.  That's when Daos realized why his partner chose Sean Paul in the first place; the music made everyone want to get up and move, and boy, were they moving.  Not a single customer was in her seat; everyone from the bouncers to the bartenders to even some of the strippers backstage were all jamming to "We Be Burnin'" like the hit had just dropped.

Daos grinned.  Well played, son.

Beneath his pants Dominador wore sleek, fitted black boxer briefs which fortunately left something to the imagination.  If he'd seen anymore than that, Daos might've been traumatized.

Dominador's song ended and he returned backstage the conquering hero, counting his dollar bills like a pro.

"I don't know if you're ready for this," he shook his head.  "This is a town full of some unsatisfied women.  It's a jungle out there, bruh."

"So I noticed," Daos nodded slightly, beaming an amused smile.  "Guess this means I'm up?"

Strawberry gestured for him to take his place at the entrance to the stage.  Daos obeyed, but not before he slipped on a pair of black-rimmed glasses.  Coupled with his outfit, he looked like a the kind of professor students lusted after.

"All right, ladies!" the DJ bellowed.  "Coming to the stage is another out-of-towner!  Hope you can handle the soft, smooth, sophisticated stylings of...the Earl of Grey!"

At the sound of his partner's stage name, Dominador shook his head, still counting his bills.  "Told him to change that shit.  They're 'bout to eat him alive."

To his surprise, Daos went into a very confident mode, strolling down the stage before the music started.  The room darkened and quieted as the red and gold lights switched to a cool, Siberian blue.  Right then, the music started.  Dominador didn't recognize the song, but quickly recognized the language.


"K-Pop," he winced.  "I should've thought of that."  As popular as K-Pop currently was with so many womenfolk, the choice seemed a no-brainer.

It was a slow song, throatily and artfully sung, each note practically shivering with husky sensuality.  It was charming and dangerous at the same time.

Daos stood still, unmoving on stage as his audience fell under his spell.  Without looking, he suddenly pointed at a random woman in the audience, and with his slender fingers, he beckoned her onto the stage.

Trembling and tongue-tied the customer obeyed, shaking as he came to stand before her.  She nervously glanced about herself, no doubt afraid of breaking the strongly enforced "No Touching" rule, but when Strawberry didn't come out to chastise her, the customer started to relax a little.

Had the music not been playing, you could've heard a pin drop.  It was as though Daos held his audience in some sort of thrall; no one seemed to move or breathe without his say so.

He boldly gazed into the stranger's eyes and in a deep, rumbling voice, commanded, "Undress me."

Dominador scowled.  "I should've thought of that."

The woman tittered nervously but eventually obeyed, trying her damnedest not to actually touch him.  Her hands shook and she continued to giggle nervously as she began to unzip his shirt.

"Slowly," Daos.  It sounded like both a verbal caress and a chastisement.

Dominador noticed that every woman's - including Strawberry's - jaw was on the floor as the fabric part to reveal smooth, sunk-kissed brown flesh.  And the music...that goddamned music....

As the silken shirt peeled away, Daos incorporated subtle dance moves in the likeness of Usher and Michael Jackson, fluidly moving out of his shirt.  In a strange way, it made everyone in the building all the more conscious of his bare skin, of the taboo they were all indulging in this wanton house of sin.

The shirt floated to the floor elegantly, softly, silently landing on the stage, Dominador heard Strawberry gasp every so slightly.  It was like she was the only woman in the whole place who could still breathe.

"My belt," Daos ordered, mercilessly locking eyes with his accomplice, whose trembling hands reached out once more. She slipped her fingers behind Daos's belt and began to unbuckle it.

Even Dominador was rendered speechless at this point.  If he keeps this up, someone's going to have a heart attack up in here.

Fully complicit now, and understanding exactly what Daos wanted her to do and how, the woman onstage began to back away, slowly, tortuously pulling his belt with her.  With each step she took, Daos rolled his hips slightly, suggestively, at pace so painfully slow that Dominador heard a woman in the back actually faint and fall out of her seat.

As with the woman who dropped her drink, no one noticed.  All eyes were on Daos.  No breathed.  No one spoke.  No one cheered or screamed or opened their wallets.  Aside for the music, there was nothing but spellbound silence.

With his belt gone, but pants still on, Dominador summoned his accomplice back up close to him once more, doing his suave, gracefully subtle dance moves up against her until she deeply blushed.

Dominador rubbed his temples, feeling a migraine coming on.  "I should've thought of that."

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Suspend Your Disbelief: Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the Episode "Strip, Tease"

Note: There were originally more videos sprinkled throughout this chapter of Mikael and Aljur, but YouTube has since taken them down.


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