January 2, 2022

Daos II

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Volume Two continues to follow Nicolao Daos and his partner on their paranormal adventures in the desert Texan town of Soleado Valle.

Mikael Daez as "Nicolao Daos"

Detective Daos has reputation for solving (and being sent on) the stranger assignments.  Little is known about him personally, and he's not the sharing type.  The last Chief of Police he was assigned to died on one of his missions.  Because Daos carries the guilt of that death with him, he prefers to work alone.  But now he's been assigned a junior detective, and Daos worries he'll be the cause of his partner's death.

Aljur Abrenica as "Dominador Ona"

Detective Ona is a young, newly promoted homicide detective.  He's a California native, but he spent much of his adult education and training on the East Coast.  Ona is sent to Soleado Valley because he reminds his superiors of Daos.  His first night out on the job, he shot a suspect in the chest who rose unharmed and later summoned a portal to the other side of the city.  Ona later learns from Daos the suspect was a demon sorcerer.  In Volume One, he helped Daos solve the mystery behind the high death rate in Soleado Valle.

Kylie Bunbury as "Trish Flores"

Like the detectives, Trish is a newcomer to the town.  She's a reporter for the Medianoche Herald.  She knows that following the exploits of a guy like Daos will make her career, but she's having a little trouble getting him to share.  Nevertheless, Trish knows that it'll be in the dusty streets of Soleado Valle where her professional destiny will be decided.  Originally a native of Houston, Texas, Trish is a dedicated career woman.  So dedicated, in fact, that she "left civilization behind" to move out to the middle of nowhere just to skip a few steps in her career.

Jamila Velazquez as "Dani Reyes"

A shy, devoutly spiritual "good girl", Dani Reyes was the guidance counselor at Soleado Valle High School for about a week before Daos and Dominador burned it to the ground.

Recurring Cast

Zhou Xun as "The Consultant"

Unlike Daos, whom little is known about, nothing is known about the Consultant, not even her name.  There are times when Daos doubts she's even human, though she consistently presents herself as such.  The Consultant has a lot of pull; she can acquire rare and unusual items for Daos's missions and basically control his and Ona's careers.  Whoever (or whatever) she is, Daos both trusts and distrusts her.  He distrusts anything she says about herself personally, but he trusts she fights for good.

Gina Torres as "Chief Bibiana Solís"

Bibiana is partly the reason why Daos is summoned to Soleado Valle; after hearing of his reputation, she put in a request to have transferred to her department.  A lifelong resident of the town, Bibiana has witnessed one too many bizarre deaths and fully trusts Daos knows what he's doing.

Roselyn Sanchez as "Carmen Arellano"

Carmen is the Chief Editor at the Medianoche Herald, making her Trish's boss. Carmen also grew up with Bibiana Solís; the two have a bit of a love-hate relationship rooted in their childhood and adolescent years.

Laz Alonso as Mayor Antonello Gomez

Mayor Gomez of Soleado Valley is the thorn in Bibiana's side, mainly because Carmen has his number on speed dial and never hesitates to tell on her.  He grew up with both Carmen and Bibiana; since childhood becoming Mayor was his fondest dream.  And now that he is Mayor, he will let absolutely nothing get in the way.

John Cho as "Im Hyun-jun"

The demon sorcerer whom Dominador shot in the alleyway has come to Soleado Valle, not because of Dominador (not particularly interested in him), but because the town is a lot more "viable" now that the curse which both plagued and protected it has been lifted (in part, due to Dominador).

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