April 5, 2022


Lol...this is just a thought.

I'm a weirdo so...feel free to laugh at me. Olivia, you may have guessed, is a Scandal fanfiction. I was literally in the middle of rewatching season 2 (my favorite), and I got the idea of setting the story during the European Middle Ages while watching Mellie yell at Fitz about his drinking.

I guess I really liked the idea that a group of unlikely conspirators made a devil's bargain to put a pretender on a throne, so to speak. It's downright Shakespearean. *shrug* I just felt it would fit.

The Gladiators
Kerry Washington as Olivia of Sevilla
Born Lady Nawal al-Jazuli, Olivia is the daughter of a wealthy Moorish family based in Spain. However, she converted to Christianity in her youth and moves to England at the suggestion of her tutor Cyrus, an old friend of her family.

Columbus Short as Harrison
Originally "Ibrahim", Sir Harrison is a fellow Moor from Spain. He moved with Olivia and is now her adviser, managing her financial and household affairs.

Guillermo Diaz as Diego Munoz
Sir Diego--fondly known as "Huck"--moved to England with Olivia as her bodyguard.

Darby Stanchfield as Lady Abigail
Lady Abigail (a.k.a. the Widow Whelan), is an Irish noblewoman rumored to have murdered her husband.

Katie Lowes as Miss Quinn
An Irish tavern girl Harrison hires to serve in Olivia's household.

House Grant

Lord Fitzgerald Grant III, Earl of Thornton
When both the lord and the heir of the (fictional) earldom of Thornton die, "Fitz" is tapped to take over, even though he's a not even a member of their family.

Jeff Perry as Cyrus of Byblos
A Greek scholar who moved from Spain to England to tutor the heir of Thornton (and Fitz).

Debra Mooney as Lady Verna,
Dowager Countess of Thornton
Widow of the late Earl of Thornton, Verna fears she'll be shipped off to a nunnery if anyone finds out all her (legitimate) male relatives are dead.

Kate Burton as Lady Salome,
the Baroness Langston
Salome "Sally" Langston was the mistress of the late Earl of Thornton.

Bellamy Young as Melody Grant,
Countess of Thornton
"Mellie" is an Irish noblewoman and Fitzgerald's new bride.

Gregg Henry as Lord Hollis Doyle
An an ambitious Irish baron, Hollis arranges the hasty marriage of his niece Mellie to Fitz, since the late earl would've never allowed it.

The Outsiders

Scott Foley as Viscount Jacob Ballard
Jake is a viscount visiting his old friend Fitz.

Tom Amandes as Viscount Samuel Reston
Reston was promised the earldom of Thornton if the earl and his son died, so he's a little confused as to how there's suddenly a new heir.

Joshua Malina as David Rosen
David is a lender. The Grant estate currently owes him a lot of money.

Dan Bucatinsky as Yakov "James" Novak
A tailor of Slavic descent, James styles and dresses all of the elite in Thornton. He's also a notorious gossip.

Norm Lewis as Bishop Edison
Edison is the highest ranking clergyman in Thornton; he runs the local cathedral where the elites attend church and wields significant political influence.

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