April 7, 2022

The Warrior Princess (#Xena)

This is just a dream cast (and idea for a reboot).

Frankie Adams as Xena

Xena is an Amazon princess of Thracian descent, headed home after spending years in exile.

Ajiona Alexus as Gebre'elwa a.k.a. "Gabrielle"

Gabrielle is a thief from Nubia posing as a rich girl. Her most recent scam has gotten her kidnapped for ransom.

Giorgia Whigham as Callisto

Xena's adopted sister, and second in line to the Amazon throne.

Renee O'Connor as Nikoleta

Queen of the Amazonian village of Pallas, where Athena is revered instead of Artemis. Nikoleta is Xena's adopted mother.

Hudson Leick as Rheia

High Priestess at the temple of Athena in Pallas.

Claire Stansfield as Hecate

Patron goddess of shamans, witches, and mystics.

and Lucy Lawless as Athena

The goddess of wisdom and warfare who has a particular interest in Xena.

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