May 19, 2023

Shondaland, I Need "Mirow"

The real Mecklenburg-Strelitz residence in Mirow
Shondaland, I have your next Bridgerton spin-off for you.

We've all watched, and rewatched, and re-rewatched the emotional masterpiece that is Queen Charlotte, and we're gonna need more. *shrug* Because as much as I love Penelope Featherington, I'm not excited to see her with Colin. As far as I'm concerned, Eloise Bridgerton is a lesbian and I have zero desire to see her with any man. Benedict is giving fun bisexual vibes, which is all well and good, but Sophie--his love interest--has a horror story for a background and I'm not particularly thrilled to see it either.

And quite frankly, I simply don't care about the younger Bridgerton siblings. For fans like me, Queen Charlotte offered us another way to enjoy this beloved universe. I say keep it going.

The real Queen Charlotte had several siblings, so that would be the perfect place to start.

We've seen the Bridgerton version of England, I say we do the same for Germany. At the end of Queen Charlotte (*spoilers*), the queen's brother, Duke Adolf "Adolphus" Friedrich IV returns to his hometown of Mirow, heartbroken over Lady Danbury's rejection.

Tunji Kasim would return as Adolphus.

Lenora Crichlow could play the eldest of the siblings, Duchess Christiane.

Lucien Laviscount could play the second oldest brother after Adolphus, Duke Charles II.

Aron Julius could play the next brother, Duke Ernst Gottlob.

And that would leave the role of the youngest brother, Duke George Augustus, to Malique Thompson-Dwyer.

I would just ask that they each take some German lessons, because Tunji Kasim kept mispronouncing "liebchen" much to the ire of German fans.

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