November 12, 2023

Cold Hearts

Cold Hearts is an alternate universe story set in the world of Dragon Age. The story follows a mage rebellion that plunges Thedas into chaos.

Michaela Coel as Vivienne
Vivienne de Fer is a mage from Orlais and Court Enchanter to its Empress.

James McAvoy as Solas
Solas is a mysterious hedge mage "from the North".

Celia Rose Gooding as Vellena Awbrey
Vellena is the daughter of a noble family from Redcliffe.

Liv Hill as Amethyne Flint
Amethyne is a young mage from Ferelden.

Bradley James as Cullen Rutherford
Cullen is a Fereldan templar.

Melissa Cabrerra as Lady Montilyet
Josephine Montilyet is the heir apparent to a rising noble house.

Colin Morgan as Ruahn
Ruahn is a Tranquil, and the closest thing Solas has to a friend.

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