October 24, 2023

Sunny Vale

This is just a joke/idea.

I've been watching all these young people on YouTube react to the Buffyverse for the first time, and after enjoying the vicarious (and often hilarious) thrill of reliving the first-time Buffy experience, my brain began braining.

Set during the Middle Ages, this (obviously) alternate universe story follows the Bellfleur sisters, two Parisian noblewomen suddenly forced to flee their home. They move to a small town populated by the most unusual characters.

Persia White as Lady Aura Bellfleur
Lady Aura is the elder of the Bellfleur twins; they are the last of their family, but Aura's determined to make sure their line continues. They originally reside at the the court of a French princess, until circumstances change and Aura decides they need to leave.

Persia White as Lady Agnes Bellfleur
Unlike her perfectly normal twin, Lady Agnes is cursed with the Sight. And though she's initially accepted as an eccentric, whispers soon abound that she's a witch.

Phina Oruche as Lady Olivia Williams
Lady Olivia is a widow and cousin to the Bellfleur sisters. She takes them in when they arrive in Sunny Vale. After inheriting all her husband's considerable land and money, Olivia is in no hurry to remarry.

Charisma Carpenter as 
Cordelia of Sunny Vale
And here's where I got the idea for this story. I was watching a reaction to Season 1 of Angel, and I noticed how Cordelia kept bringing up her Sunnydale history. And I was like..., "Nobody cares about Sunnydale, boo. They can't point it out on a map. They've probably never even heard of it."

So I thought...what if there was a not-quite-noblewoman who wouldn't shut up about her inconsequential small town? Except in this case, it is consequential to the Bellfleur sisters because it's rumored to be fairly "liberal" in its attitude towards the mystical.

James Marsters as Sir William
A baronet of Sunny Vale, Sir William is infamous for his dreadful poetry. He's a genuinely nice guy though.

Kali Rocha as Cecilia of Sunny Vale
Cecilia is the unenthusiastic betrothed of Sir William...and the muse of all his poems. Cecilia is allegedly from Sunny Vale, born and raised, but she's an orphan and no one remembers ever meeting her family. She's also rich, but no one knows why or how, seeing as she doesn't own any property.

Alexis Denisof as Lord Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
The son of a cranky old baron who often travels, Wesley stays behind in Sunny Vale to manage his family's estate. He's a perfectly eligible bachelor, but like Sir William, the girls just aren't feeling him.

Anthony Steward Head as Sir Rupert Giles
Famed scholar and swordsman, he's Lord Wesley's former tutor and now adviser. He's also extremely knowledgeable about the occult, but prefers to keep that under wraps even though the town of Sunny Vale is no stranger to the unusual.

Robia LaMorte as Lady Janna Giles
Lady Janna is Rupert's wife. Descended from the wealthy Kalderash Clan, she's converted to Catholicism in attempt to assimilate into Sunny Vale society better. Like her husband, she's well versed in the occult, but chooses to leave that life behind her.*

Alyson Hannigan as Willow
A mysterious enchantress posing as a courtesan. She's currently staying with Wesley, but their "relationship" is mainly for show.

Juliet Landau as Drusilla
A mysterious acquaintance of Willow's, Drusilla arrives in Sunny Vale where she's introduced as an Italian noblewoman. She soon catches the eye of Sir William, who quickly notices that he only ever sees her at night. (Note: she's not a mad seer in this version. We already have a seer.)

Bianca Lawson as Lady Kendra Young
Lady Kendra arrives in Sunny Vale after the Bellfleur sisters. Her presence surprises people, seeing as she's an heiress with no connection to the town.

Special Appearances

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Lady Anne Buffington
The spoiled, bubbly heir to Summers County, Lady Anne is known for her wild parties.

Nicholas Brendon as Alexander Harris
An ambitious distant cousin of Lady Anne's, as well as her betrothed. She tries--and fails--to pretend he doesn't exist.

David Boreanaz as Mister Liam
The bored son of a wealthy Irish silk merchant, Liam winds up in Sunny Vale just looking for a good time. He's also an amateur bard and life of the party.

Mercedes McNab as Princess Harmonia
Lol...Harmonia is the French princess with whom the Bellfleurs and Cordelia lived. She's not the brightest star in the heavens, but she doesn't let that get in the way of her ambitions.

*I opted for this characterization out of respect to Robia LaMorte's real life conversion.

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