January 2, 2022

Daos III

Daos III is the third volume in the Daos series.  It picks up immediately after the events in Volume Two in the fictional Texan town of Soleado Valle.

Mikael Daez as Nicolao Daos

Rumored to be an Umalagad, an Ancestor reborn as a Sacred Guardian, Daos is a both talented and infamous demon-hunter.  Near the end of Volume Two, the demon Hyun-jun Im reveals that an oracle foresaw Daos's death by "water-shaped bullet".  Daos does drown in the waters of a rusalka, a Slavic water demon, but his partner Dominador Ona rescues and revives him...even though he's asleep on their couch at home.

Aljur Abrenica as Dominador Ona

Daos's young partner raises more questions than he can answer.  Daos has noticed one too many odd things about this cheerful young man who has survived a fight with a demon sorcerer and brought Daos back to life in his sleep - literally.  It's as though he has abilities even he doesn't know about.

Kylie Bunbury as Trish Flores

Trish is a reporter who's well aware of Daos's reputation and knows that sooner or later, he's going to give her THE story.  At the end of Volume Two, Trish is the one who points Daos towards the rusalka by revealing the deaths of three construction workers who drowned without the presence of water.

Jamila Velazquez as Dani Reyes

Though featured off screen in Volume Two, Dani the high school counselor returns to the story in Volume Three as Trish's meek and devoutly Catholic roommate who's struggling to make money ever since Daos and Dominador burned the high school down.


Zhou Xun as "The Consultant"

Due to the prophecy of the Grey Oracle, the Consultant is not so convinced anymore that Daos the destined Sacred Guardian she learned about years before.  Unfortunately, because she never told Daos he was fated to die by drowning, the two are not on speaking terms, and he trusts her less than ever.

Gina Torres as Bibiana Solís

The strong, resolute Chief of Police in Soleado Valle.

John Cho as Im Hyun-jun

A particularly ancient and powerful demon sorcerer, Hyun-jun is known for his impeccable style and the ability to wield Hellfire.  Dominador once shot him in the chest and survived a hand-to-hand fight with him - an impossible feat for your average human - thus leading Daos to further believe there's more to his partner than what meets the eye.

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