July 5, 2023

The Widow Velethi

I'm happy to announced I've brought back a revamped version of the The Widow Velethi on my Redguard Girls blog. A fanfiction set in the Skyrim universe during the Civil War, the story follows a Redguard by the name of Katarinya, whose arrival at Mistveil Keep exacerbates the rivalry between two brothers.

Original Character

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Katarinya of House Velethi arrives in Riften from Raven Rock, where her late husband owned an ebony mine. A wealthy widow, she's invited to stay at Mistveil Keep.

Canon Characters

Saerlund Law-Giver is the second-born son of the Jarl of Riften. He supports the Empire in the Civil War.

Harrald Law-Giver is the firstborn son of the Jarl and the heir to her throne. He is a patriotric Nord who supports the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Laila Law-Giver is the Jarl of Riften who rules from Mistveil Keep. Like her eldest son, she supports the Stormcloaks.

Anuriel is Laila's Steward. She's a Wood Elf who runs the day to day operations of the Keep.

Maven Black-Briar is the powerful matriarch of the wealthiest family in Riften, with ties to assassins and thieves. She's a frequent visitor at Mistveil.

Ingun Black-Briar is Maven's daughter. She's a talented, if morbid, student of alchemy.

Wylandriah is the court wizard of Mistveil. Like Anuriel, she is a Wood Elf.

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