July 18, 2023

We Need a Wolfram & Hart TV Series

So I'm rewatching Leverage and suddenly thinking...we need a Wolfram & Hart series.

Hear me out.

It could be dark, moody, introspective, with a nuanced focus on lawyers from the mortal world navigating the demonic world. So instead of the campy, kooky humor we saw back in the early aughts, we'd have a more melancholic atmosphere. I also think it would be cool if we never saw a demon onscreen on or any special effects, you know?

I just feel like Angel never got the acclaim it truly deserved and a lot of the actors fell by the wayside...which they didn't deserve. In the age of reboots and remakes, this would be a project that actually deserves a second chance.

The last (and first) time Danielle Nicolet was in the Buffyverse, she played the vampire Tamika. She died as soon as she was introduced, but now that she's spent years playing a lawyer on The Flash, I'd love to see her as the head of Wolfram & Hart, possibly based on the East Coast or in Canada this time.

Every time I rewatch Angel, I think of how much I love Lindsey McDonald, lol. I don't care. I loved Christian Kane's portrayal of this man, and even though he was featured in three seasons, I felt like we needed more time with him.

I would love to see a much older, more seasoned, even more conflicted Lindsey struggling to decide which side he wants to be on in this cutthroat world. And I'd put him in charge of "Special Projects".

My. Favorite. Bitch. Ever.

Stephanie Romanov did a hell of a job as Lilah Morgan, and outside of the fandom, her praises are not sung nearly enough. I want her back as an older, more seasoned, even more ambitious lawyers who, unlike Lindsey, has zero inner turmoil about who she is and what she does. I'd put her in charge of dealing with politicians. And I need her to bring back that biting wit.

Speaking of biting wit, I would need Daniel Dae Kim to return as Gavin Park. But this time, instead of the tired, emasculate-the-Asian-guy trope, he'd be even more sarcastic and ruthless. I think he should also stay in real estate, handling only the most luxurious and exclusive properties that even his colleagues can't get into. Despite all the lawyers having good taste, Gavin always struck me as being the most bougie. I'd love to see him as the best dressed lawyer, with the most expensive suits.

I don't know what happened to actor Thomas Burr, but if he's still alive, I'd like for him to return as Lee Mercer, the bitchy lawyer who looks down on everyone and thinks working at Wolfram & Hart is beneath him. We didn't get nearly enough time with him before he was killed off in Season One. In the reboot, he should be head of contracts.

As much as I loved Faith the Vampire Slayer, I would like to see Eliza Dushku return as a new character, preferably an Albanian freelancer who refuses to speak English just because she doesn't like it. She could be a stone-faced contractor who gathers intel and breaks kneecaps or some such. And she could have a cool name like Luljeta or Valmira.

Oh, and last but not least...Call Me Alice should do the theme song:

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